Check out the Board of Director's meeting minutes

Check out the Board of Director's meeting minutes


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Principal Evaluation Now Available


WASSP is pleased to provide you with the final document, Rethinking Principal Evaluation: A New Paradigm Informed by Research and Practice. This report was developed by the NAESP/NASSP Principal Evaluation Committee working in partnership with Matt Clifford, senior scientist at the American Institutes for Research, and Steven Ross, professor of education at the Center for Research and Reform at Johns Hopkins University. The report was released recently at a joint NAESP/NASSP briefing on Capitol Hill and will be available for download at both the NAESP and NASSP websites.

It is time for a new framework for evaluating principals’ performance – one that reflects the complexity of the job, measures leadership competencies required for student and school success, and seeks out insight and experience that only practicing principals can bring to the conversation. This report does just that - brings the voice of principals squarely into the dialogue on what principal evaluation systems need to look like. NAESP and NASSP recommend states and districts consider the elements presented in this first of a kind document when adapting or building principal evaluation systems.


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