Don't Ask Why In Wyoming

Don't Ask Why In Wyoming

Just go ahead and attend these upcoming events. 

27th Annual WSA Conference and Summer Retreat

27th Annual WSA Conference and Summer Retreat

Saratoga Hot Springs Resort

June 6 - 7, 2019

Save the date to enjoy a great couple of days in beautiful Saratoga. On Thursday, June 6, we will have Dr. Gene Kerns discussing the power of literacy. He will be sharing insights on:

 Powerful and often overlooked actions that improve student learning.

 The changing role of independent reading and how to fully tap into it to propel all learning.

 New insights from cognitive science related to literacy.

 High-quality formative assessment strategies.

Then on Friday, Dr. Darrin Peppard will be sharing how leadership is the single most important factor in the success, or lack thereof, for any organization. But what are those critical components that separate great leaders from those who just miss the mark? Your school should be a place where everyone has ownership and pride, a place where all who enter know they are part of something special. Darrin will share his work and ideas around giving schools a personalized feel for all. As well, Darrin will empower school leaders to build positive culture and climate, hold high and celebrate academics, and build meaningful relationships that truly make a difference.